Steve DuRoss

Steve recently earned his masters degree from Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. Research for his masters degree focused on the development of new building codes and adaptations to existing code elements. Steve’s work utilizes the principals of research-based design, believing that gathering information from multiple sources is necessary for shaping and informing a proper design. His experience as a maintenance man and groundskeeper for the Bridgewater Housing Authority allows him to provide insight into possible maintenance concerns early in the design process.

Sean Murray – Project Designer, Systems Administrator

With 9 years of experience in multifamily design, Sean combines his passion for place making with a strong grasp of Computer Hardware and Software Technologies associated with the Architectural profession. In addition to being a well-rounded architectural professional, Sean is also the company Systems Administrator and keeps Parikh Stevens Architects on the cutting edge of industry technology. Proper utlization of technology is a key component of today’s professional practice and Sean’s expertise in this very crucial arena is highly regarded.

Alex Neul – Project Manager

Alex has acquired a diverse array of skills within the architectural field with 15 years of experience in governmental, educational, mixed-use, residential, and affordable housing throughout the Front Range. His areas of expertise include the implementation of construction technologies, building code analysis, consultant coordination, specification writing and construction administration. Alex applies his technical knowledge to all projects from concept through completion and is especially known for his diligent pursuit of quality during the Construction Administration process. His ability to manage both large and small projects with focus and energy is a great asset to the project team.

Shona Parikh – Office Dog

Shona trained under Santiago Calatrava’s famed cat El Gato Loco in Valencia, Spain where she mastered the art of chasing after laser pointer dots. After her apprenticeship in Spain, Shona moved to Genoa, Italy to join forces with Cane Pazzo, Renzo Piano’s proud Pritzker Prize winning pet. Together, Shona and Cane Pazzo developed a new design for what is considered to be the most efficient dog legged stair configuration known to man. In 2015, Shona joined Parikh Stevens Architects to take charge of security and other canine affairs. Shona also takes a deep interest in building codes, specializing in locating Fire Hydrants as required by IFC Table C105.1.

Cameron Parker

Cameron joins us as a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture. With an enthusiasm and passion for designing space that is conscious of its context, client and comfort, he is excited to enter the realm of multi-family design. Cameron was attracted to architecture after weighing amongst other disciplines, its ability to create vast environments and affect positive change. While a fan of the contemporary discourse of the profession, he enjoys the careful balance of cutting edge-aesthetics with the constraints of reality. As a former resident of the East-Coast, he is excited to relocate to Denver and pursue his love of Architecture and the outdoors.

Alan Scheer – Project Designer, BIM Manager

Over the last 7 years, Alan has worked on a variety of project types including high-end hospitality, multi-family residential, cultural and higher education. Alan’s understanding of history and culture give him an appreciation for the urban fabric and a desire to design with that sense of place in mind. He utilizes his expertise in physical and virtual modeling to explore design strategies through all stages of project development. Alan leads our efforts in the implementation and standardization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and believes that such advances offer the potential for improved collaboration between disciplines.

Malorie Torrey

Malorie graduated from the University of Virginia in 2012 and spent three years working on multifamily and single family homes in southeast Virginia. She believes that architecture is deeply important to shaping and reshaping the cultural and economic heritage of a city and that Architects have a unique responsibility to create beautiful and functional spaces. She is an avid painter, a beginning hiker, and looks forward to watching and helping fashion Denver’s growth and evolution in the years to come.