Firm History

It all began with two architects and a vision

1992 – First Christmas at Murphy Stevens Architects

Our story begins in 1992, when two Denver architects Martin Murphy and George Stevens founded what was then known as Murphy Stevens Architects. In 1994, Harsh Parikh joined the young firm while pursuing his Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Colorado. The late ‘90s loft boom of Denver ensured a steady stream of multifamily and mixed-use projects and Murphy Stevens Architects began to gain reputation as one of the leading housing firms in the Rocky Mountain region.

The Evolution of Parikh Stevens Architects

2000 – Murphy Stevens Architects Staff

In 2003, Martin Murphy left the firm to pursue other interests and Parikh Stevens Architects came into being. Under Harsh Parikh’s helm, the firm focused more on multifamily housing with a special interest in affordable and senior housing.  Today, the firm proudly counts itself as one of the leading housing firms in the region and is often called upon as experts in the industry.

The period between 2003 and 2010 saw George Stevens gradually transition out of the firm, culminating in his retirement in 2010. Today, under the capable leadership of Harsh Parikh, our firm plays a prominent role in the regional housing market and continues its forays into commercial, institutional and government work.