About Harsh Parikh – President

An intellectual approach to architecture and a winning approach to design

Harsh Parikh is known for his innovative and cerebral approach to architecture, which makes him one of the most engaging design professionals in the region. He firmly believes that the key to good architecture lies in the architect having a firm grasp on a vast variety of knowledge and skills. To tackle the complex design process, one needs, not simply a keen eye for the contemporary aesthetic, but also a deep understanding of current construction technologies, trends in building codes, sustainable practices, and advanced design software. Because of his expertise in these very divergent but equally important arenas, Harsh has deservedly earned the reputation for being one of the most ‘complete’ architects in the region.

Harsh Parikh – an impressive educational background

Harsh studied architecture at M.S. University in India. In 1993, he was awarded the Design Gold Medal and the Gold Medal for Academic Excellence given to the Valedictorian. His stellar academic success continued at the University of Colorado where he was awarded the Rome Scholarship and completed his Master’s degree in Architecture with the highest grade average of his graduating class.

Harsh Parikh joins the firm

Harsh joined the firm, then Murphy Stevens Architects, in 1994 while pursuing his Master’s degree and soon became an integral part of the firm. By 2003, he had assumed a leadership position at the firm when one of the founding Principals Martin Murphy left. Harsh Parikh took over majority ownership of the corporation and Parikh Stevens Architects was born.

Harsh Parikh takes the firm to new heights

Under Harsh’s leadership, Parikh Stevens Architects has gone from strength to strength, firmly establishing itself as one of the leading housing firms in the region.

Harsh skillfully managed the turmoil of the late 2000s and ensured that Parikh Stevens Architects remained one of the few firms not to suffer a slow down or any layoffs. In fact, this period became one of the most fruitful and prolific times in the firm’s history during which Harsh also assumed sole ownership of the firm. Today, with more than 8,000 dwelling units under his belt, Harsh can lay claim to being one of the regional leaders in multifamily design.