Lumien Durango II

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Project Snapshot

Client Name: Solvera
Size: 36 units
Location: Durango, CO
Year Complete/Project Status: Completed October 2019.
Scope of Work: Rezoning, Entitlements, Design Architect, Architect of Record, Green Communities Facilitator


Lumien II is the first LIHTC development to provide Permanent Supportive Housing in Southwest Colorado. The 3-story 36 unit building is a sister project to the 50-unit Lumien which was completed in 2015. The Mountain Modern architectural style of Lumien II lends it a unique contemporary flair while coordinating seamlessly with the slightly more traditional look of Lumien. Along with the VOA Senior Housing to the south, together the two Lumien buildings create a strong sense of community by ensconcing a safe courtyard where seniors, adults, & children can play and congregate.

Keeping in mind the high proportion of seniors and people with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in the project, interior spaces (wide & well-lit corridors) and interior finishes (lively and varying colors) were carefully chosen to ease cognitive stress and create defensible spaces.

Project Partners:

Developer: Solvera

Other Partners:
City of Durango
La Plata County
Manna Soup Kitchen
La Plata Homes Fund
Colorado Division of Housing