Site Selection and Analysis

Conduct initial analysis and cost study of prospective sites, including existing structures, for compatibility with design objectives identified by the client. For an adaptive reuse, this phase can begin prior to programming.

Zoning Analysis

Analyze zoning and other entitlement constrains to establish potential density yield for the site. Perform comparative zoning analysis for multiple sites.

Zoning Approval and Variances

Shepherd projects through zoning approval processes. Prepare exhibits and arguments for variance requests.

Historic District Review and Approvals

Prepare exhibits and conduct presentations for Historic District Review processes.

Neighborhood Group Engagement

Coordinate with Neighborhood Groups to seek their approval. Perform community Charrettes. Prepare exhibits and conduct presentations for Neighborhood Group meetings.

Existing Facility Evaluation

Provide as-built measurements and record drawings of existing facilities. Conduct analysis of existing facility to determine suitability for adaptive re-use. Review current zoning ordinances, building code requirements and suitability for future expansion.

Programming and Space Planning

Determine space requirements and allocations, user needs, long-term growth and flexibility, and any other considerations required for the building.

Master Planning

Develop site and building master plans based on zoning, programming and space requirements.

Feasibility Studies

If multiple sites are being considered, conduct feasibility studies to determine the best site. Generate construction budgets for alternative programs.

Sustainability Analysis

Analyze various sustainability strategies for conformance with Green Certification programs such as LEED, Energy Star, NAHB Green-Build and Enterprise Green Communities. Coordinate with third party certifiers to facilitate certification processes. Provide in-house compliance with Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.

Pitch Packages

Provide conceptual graphics to clients to help them attract investors and consolidate support from government officials and neighborhood groups.

Architectural Design and Documentation

Provide full scope architecture services. Produce several designs utilizing the information compiled by the client. Each scheme is thoroughly investigated until one concept is selected as the best and further developed as the final design for the project. Threshold documents are created for pricing and review at various stages like Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. We employ AutoCAD and Revit as our primary drafting software on a subscription basis ensuring that we are always using the most updated version of the software.

Specifications & Project Manuals

Provide in-house Specification Writing for most projects. We use MasterSpec for our specification writing software.

Interior Design

Provide Interior Design services integrally within Architectural Services. Space Planning, Finish Selection, Furniture Selection and Layout, Millwork Design, Lighting Design, Signage Design and Period Restoration services can be included as required.

Landscape & Planting Design

Provide in-house Landscape Design services for urban projects with limited landscape scope.

Consultant Coordination

Provide thorough coordination of design and documentation provided by sub-consultants whether they are under our contractual umbrella or the client’s.

3D Computer Modeling

Create three-dimensional models of the design showing interior or exterior views. Provide model integration with Google Earth for true contextual representation. Perform shadow analysis and view angle analysis using Google Sketchup. Provide high quality renderings using ShaderLight, and Photoshop. 3D Models can be used by the client for a variety of uses including marketing, and owner review.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Utilize BIM as the primary design and documentation platform for most projects. We employ Revit as our primary BIM software on a subscription basis ensuring that we are always using the most updated version of the software.

Value Engineering

Coordinate with Owner’s Representatives, General Contractors, and major subs to conduct Value Engineering analysis for project cost optimization.

Bidding or Negotiation Phase

Provide assistance to client during the bidding process and ultimately in selecting the General Contractor.

Construction Administration

Provide full-scope Construction Administration services including regular site visits, timely responses to RFIs, shop and product reviews, pay-app reviews, and punch lists.

Joint Ventures

Participate in joint ventures with other architecture firms.

Minority Ownership

Certified as MWBE & SBE for State and Local Projects.