Design Philosophy

Unique solutions for unique problems

Each design project presents a unique set of circumstances and challenges and therefore, deserves a distinctive solution. At Parikh Stevens, we rarely use canned floor plans, as we believe that plans and details can be standardized only to a limited extent. There are numerous factors to consider even before the design process can begin:

  • Stylistic preferences of our clients and other stake holders
  • Socio-economic and demographic considerations for the end users
  • Entitlement issues
  • Potential NIMBYism (Not In My Backyard) from neighbors
  • Transit proximity
  • Traffic patterns
  • Solar orientation
  • Project financing mechanisms
  • Sustainability goals
  • Diversity goals
  • Building code regulations
  • Zoning code regulations
  • Green regulations
  • Parking requirements
  • Construction budget
  • Project schedule

These factors manifest themselves differently for each project and weave a unique web of circumstances that we set forth to carefully unravel. From this process of unraveling, through a consistent dialog with our clients, we arrive at a uniquely creative design solution.

Our design aesthetic

At Parikh Stevens Architects, we believe that there is a certain timeless aesthetic sensibility that resides within each style. As a glance through our large and diverse portfolio will attest, we do not pursue a set stylistic agenda. To us, each project brings with it a unique context and our design must respond stylistically to that particular context in its own unique way.

Form follows regulations?

To the modern masters, form followed function. But they did not have to contend with a litigious society and exponentially complex regulations and codes. We do not take the study of codes and regulations lightly. The codes have a tremendous influence over building design and construction budget and only a thorough and intense study of the codes can allow an Architect to navigate them successfully, or even use them to their advantage.

Code expertise creates value

The staff at Parikh Stevens Architects, led by our Principal Harsh Parikh, an internationally known code analyst, takes a keen interest in the history, evolution, and development of building and zoning codes. Due to our expertise in this arena, we are able to create tremendous value for our clients by employing our deep understanding of codes to the benefit of our projects.