Service Philosophy

What does architecture mean to you?

Is architecture an artistic, a technical, or a service profession? At Parikh Stevens, we firmly believe that we are artists, technicians and service professionals in equal measure, and the crux of our success lies in balancing the often conflicting imperatives of our profession. While maintaining our artistic integrity, we create technically sound buildings that meet our client’s aesthetic and financial goals.

Working with a well-rounded architecture firm

Some architects think of themselves as artists foremost and give more credence to the artistic merit of their creations than to mundane issues like budget or code. Yet others think of themselves as technicians and while they pay great attention to technical building systems they do so at the peril of ignoring aesthetics.
We have consistently proven that it is possible to skillfully balance aesthetics and technical soundness and to do so while respecting the wishes and stylistic preferences of our clients and other stakeholders. Our buildings are profitable, durable, and they conform to the context of their neighborhoods.

How we work with our clients

At Parikh Stevens Architects, we believe in an open dialogue with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. We take the stylistic preference of our clients to heart and at every crucial inflection point in the design process, we advise our clients in an open manner to allow them to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the project.

Why hire a small firm?

The architectural design process is akin to writing a symphony and the construction process, like the performance. There are umpteen players, parts and pieces that need careful choreography by the Architect who must wield the baton delicately yet authoritatively. In our long history, our firm has always maintained a small size, even as several growth opportunities have been presented along the way. We truly believe that a Principal’s time is best spent directly on the project where they can create the most value for our clients. Only a small firm allows direct Principal involvement in each project.

Our commitment to being cost effective

We are committed to cost competitiveness. Our structure allows us to maintain a low overhead and keep costs down. Additionally, our high Principal involvement raises our billability ratio and allows us to charge lower hourly rates to our clients.